Observation Techniques
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Observation Weather Techniques: Things you need to know
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These documents contain a lot of information and therefore have been carefully structured. This main introduction leads to both the simple and more advanced observation techniques both directly and indirectly. You may need to visit another time and go back to where you have read. It is a good idea to book mark the main introduction document as well as the page you have last read. Be sure to first begin with the introduction of both the simple and more advanced observation techniques before continuing with the rest of each section.

In this introduction section, there is a link to the glossary of terms which link back to this document. The glossary of terms will also be found in the other introduction pages. You may find terms which are used but are not yet introduced. They are brief definitions with most terms discussed in more detail in the documents.

Good luck. I hope this is helpful for you in some way. It has helped me.

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Updated: 18th March 2008

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