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Storm News and Storm Chasing: Reports from 1999
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December 1999
NSW North Coast Storm Chase (Evans Head cell): 31st December 1999 by Michael Bath

Maitland Hailstorm: 30th December 1999 by Jimmy Deguara

Coraki to Ballina Severe Storm Chase: 30th December 1999 by Michael Bath

NSW North Coast Storms: 29th December 1999 by Michael Bath

The Boonah-Redland Bay Supercell: 10th December 1999 by James Chambers

November 1999
Southeast Queensland Severe Storm Outbreak: 22nd November 1999 by Jimmy Deguara

Brisbane Super Storm: 18th January 1985 by Michael Maher

October 1999
North East NSW Storm Chase: 24th October 1999 by Michael Bath

Gilgandra - Taree Chase Weekend: 23rd to 24th October 1999 by James Harris

The Northern Tablelands Chase: 4th October 1999 by Jimmy Deguara

Sydney Severe Storm: 1st October 1999 by David Croan

The Severe Storm Outbreak: 1st October 1999 by Jimmy Deguara

September 1999
The Quirindi - Tamworth Storm Chasing Expedition: 25th to 27th September 1999 by Jimmy Deguara

July 1999
Northwestern Sydney Hailstorm: 29th September 1983 by Jimmy Deguara

June 1999
Oberon Snow Chase: 14th June 1999 by Lindsay Pearce

April 1999
Sydney Hailstorm: 14th April 1999

March 1999
Hunter Valley Storm Chase: 4th March 1999 by David Croan

February 1999
North Coast NSW Supercell: 18th February, 1999 by Michael Bath

January 1999
Possible Grafton Tornado and Storm Pics: 30th January, 1999

Southern Tablelands to Sydney Storm Chase: 19th January 1999 by David Croan

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