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An international Journal devoted to severe weather research and the only place in the world to study monthly statistics on UK tornadoes.

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Satellite Pictures
The latest and archived satellite imagery covering Australia, the Southern Hemisphere and the Globe.
Weather Maps
The latest and archived weather maps and charts, weather model output and atmospheric soundings/aerological diagrams covering Australia.
Weather Radar
Current and archived Bureau of Meteorology radar images for all the radar sites in Australia
Lightning Data
The latest lightning data for Australia.
Weather webcam
High resolution Sky and Weather Webcam and Automatic Weather Station from McLeans Ridges (near Lismore and Alstonville) on the NSW Northern Rivers.
Weather station
Automatic Weather Station from Spring Grove (5ks NE of Casino) on the NSW Northern Rivers
Weather and Climate
Weather forecasts, observations and climate information for Australia.
Weather Discussion
Weather forums and mailing lists for discussing Australian weather and storm chasing
Weather Homepages
Links to weather homepages by Australian individuals. Weather photography, storm chasing and Australian weather information.
Weather Photography
A comprehensive list of links to weather and lightning photography from all around the globe.
Storm Chasing/Education
Storm Chasers, storm chaser resources, and educational material for learning about thunderstorms.
Selected Weather Sites
Links to various weather sites dealing with weather in other countries.
Weather Observations
Rainfall and temperature observations for selected sites produced by authors of this website
Converting Time Zones
Information on how to convert GMT/UTC/Z time to local Australian time.

If you have a suggestion for new links or find that any of the current links are no longer valid, please send an email.

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